Application Retirement Workbench

Infobelt’s OMNI Archive Manager has been designed for successful and efficient application decommission. It is capable of extracting historical data and records from aging applications, placing them in low-cost storage, and, making them readily accessible whenever needed through our on-demand retrieval process.
OMNI Archive Manager enables organizations to effectively preserve their reputation by protecting sensitive information along with minimizing risks and cutting down significant costs. It meets critical application’s requirements by handling the following key areas:

Save costs through storage optimization

Infobelt OMNI Archive Manager’s Application Retirement Workbench has helped our clients save millions of dollars in storage, infrastructure, and SaaS application costs.
Our comprehensive archiving technology helps you:
  • Manage both structured & unstructured data
  • Eliminate legacy systems while retaining the data as per corporate and regulatory mandates
  • Store data in immutable WORM format
  • Ensure data security through encryption
  • Retrieve data in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Meet data sovereignty requirements

Maintain efficiency through better data management

The Infobelt Omni Archive Manager repository currently holds over 20 trillion regulated business records from one customer installation. The platform enables you instant and effortless access to historical business data. Infobelt’s agile and repeatable process is designed to complete decommissioning projects quickly. Combined with a cost-effective model and lightweight architectural footprint, this delivers a rapid investment return and low total cost ownership. Due to efficient performance, a single OAM instance will typically meet an organization’s entire decommissioning requirement. Data from thousands of decommissioned applications can be housed in low-cost WORM storage. As with all major hardware platforms, it is also possible to save additional costs by repurposing the newly freed-up hardware.
With OMNI Archive Manager, you get more experience than that of a big four consulting firm team and the highest quality of work that can be operationalized to solve your problems at a fraction of the cost.

Protect your reputation through compliance controls

When it comes to data privacy, regulations are stringent. Organizations holding on to legacy applications “because they need the data” open themselves up to expensive costs and increased data breach risks. Infobelt OMNI Archive Manager’s Application Retirement Workbench allows you to decommission legacy applications and delivers direct cost savings by eliminating support and maintenance costs, creating efficiencies by providing more effortless access to historical data, and keeping you compliant with regulatory mandates.
It also enables organizations to preserve their reputation by effectively protecting sensitive information, minimizing risks and cutting down on high costs.

Application Retirement White Paper

The Practical Guide for Legacy Application Maintenance

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