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OMNI Archive Manager makes data management simple, yet efficient.

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OMNI Archive Manager

Why OAM ?

We’re producing more data than ever, and the efficiency of processing data is a crucial factor in separating the leaders from the pack in all industries. OMNI Archive Manager is a complete data management solution that helps organizations have a centralized source to govern information, improve data accessibility, get enhanced security, and upscale operational efficiencies.

Regulatory Compliance Features

OMNI Archive Manager is a full data management system

WORM Storage

Ensure data integrity and records compliance through WORM (Write Once, Read Many) technology.

Structured & Unstructured Data

Manage any type of data

Third-Party Application Connections

We can build customized connections to virtually any of your third-party applications.

Self-service Portal

Fully customizable for your business

On-demand Retrieval

Get the information you need when you need it.

Reports and Dashboards

Get a holistic view of all archiving projects across the organization.

Multifaceted Archiving

Use our OMNI-Bots to manage millions of records efficiently.

Defensible Destruction

Approval workflow for permanent records destruction


File browser & SQL browsers for unstructured and structured data

Customizable Indexing

Customize metadata tags for improved searchability and retrieval

Metadata Smart Channels

Overlay custom policies, regulatory retention holds, and legal holds.

Configurable Workflows

Ingest retention feeds, upload bulk policies, and custom triggers


Supports Multiple Storage Platforms & Information Sources

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Data sources
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Billion records archived daily
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Compression rate

The Benefits

One solution for managing
any type of data.

OMNI Archive Manager is a complete records management platform capable of managing trillions of records at once with our smart OMNI-Bots. It can ingest structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data while automating retention schedules and information lifecycle management processes to ensure compliance with FINRA, SEC, PHMSA, HIPAA, and internal company policies. You can use the Self-Service Portal feature to configure and retrieve records, workflows, e-Discovery, and data indexing.
Content Analysts
Visualize and analyze metadata, JDBC schemas, and repositories
Regulatory Compliance
Automated risk and compliance controls
Self-Service Portal
Fully customizable for your users, allowing them to control the preservation workflows.
Data Retreival
On-demand data and information retrieval
Customizable Indexing
Spend less time searching for records related to a single topic.
Storage Savings
Slash storage costs by up to 40%
Reports and Dashboards
Get a holistic view of all archiving projects across the organization whenever you want them.
Database Performance
Enhanced database performance and automated paperless processes
Third-Party Application Connections
We have connections to virtually any of your third-party applications. Not only does this make preserving important records in one place easy. It also saves you money because you’ll only be paying for one repository.
Ransomeware Protection
Added security and ransomware recovery
File & SQL browsers for retrieving structured and unstructured data

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Our Workbenches

Prebuilt tools to help you overcome data management challenges

The Database Optimization Workbench helps you efficiently down-tier the least used data from your databases to save you money while improving the availability, accessibility, and performance of your most critical systems. By freeing up space in your production databases, you can reduce costs by up to 40%. You will get access to a single solution to manage data growth, control your IT spending and limit your risk exposure. The Database Optimization Workbench takes the task of securing your sensitive information seriously. It actively protects you against ransomware and other cyber threats. Our data masking techniques protect sensitive data—whether it is in transit, at rest, or in use. We anonymize the data while preserving the context by using encryption and tokenization algorithms. With OMNI Archive Manager, you can also obfuscate data used for development and testing purposes after they’re no longer required. With OMNI Archive Manager, you get native adherence to WORM and NENR (write once read many, and non-erasable-non-rewritable) storages, full auditing, indexing, designated third-party access, eDiscovery, retrievability on-demand, legal holds, and defensible destruction mandates.
With the Application Retirement Workbench, you can purge aging application data and obsolete systems that are needlessly costing you money. We will extract the historical data and records from aging applications, place them in low cost WORM storage, and make them readily accessible whenever needed through our on-demand retrieval process. Our enhanced security and privacy protection ensure that your customers' information is protected. Using our Application Retirement workbench can reduce your overall infrastructure spend by millions of dollars each year, and when stored in our WORM compliant repository, you’ll never have to worry about falling out of compliance with regulatory mandates.
The Regulatory Compliance Workbench will keep you compliant with SEC 17a3-17a4, FINRA 4511, CFTC 1.31., HIPAA, and PHMSA mandates by storing your information in low-cost immutable storage, either on-premise or in the cloud. You will meet all data protection, information privacy, and regulatory compliance requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, etc. Instead of spending thousands of hours mulling over the complexities of manually setting up retention policies, legal holds, or security parameters, do it automatically with our Regulatory Compliance workbench. Our workbench can integrate with virtually any SaaS application, like Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Calypso, and many more, to ensure that all regulated data is captured, stored, and secure so you don’t have to worry about it.

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