AI-Powered Data Archiving Platform

Archive, Secure, and Access with Ease

Infobelt Omni Archive Manager (OAM™️) is the answer to the antiquated and siloed data management practices, especially when it comes to mid to late lifecycle of information. OAM, by the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI, and NLP, delivers unparalleled scalability, efficiency, and reliability. Whether you’re looking for a solution on the cloud or on-prem to declutter your application portfolio, limit security exposure, meet regulatory requirements, or cut costs, Infobelt OAM is the solution.

Key Features

AI and Robotic Process Automation

Poised to serve any size business data management needs.

Proprietary Archive Query

eDiscovery and

Full text indexing for keyword and sematic vector search

Internal and External (API)
report generation.


One Comprehensive Platform

  • Manages structured, unstructured, semi structured data types in a single place
  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid
  • Hundreds of connectors for databases, file systems, websites, email systems, ERPs, SaaS platforms, CSV files, and more.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

  • Intelligent OmniBot™️ enabled ingestions, management, and retrieval.
  • Scales from megabytes to multi petabytes.
  • Seamless integrations.
  • Automated workload management.
  • Self-healing
  • Centralized management.


  • Archive Query Libraries (AQL™️) simplifies data retrieval.
  • Information retrieval with simple spoken language.
  • e-Discovery and analytics ready.
  • Keyword search.
  • Semantic and context-based search.
  • Report generation.

Fortified Security 

  • Archive encryption
  • Activity Audit trails
  • User fine grained entitlements
  • Guaranteed immutability of archives; Ransomware proof
  • Integrates with Corporate Active Directory

Records Management tenets 

  • Retention policy and schedule manager.
  • Litigation and regulatory holds.
  • Defensible data disposition.


  • Fully meets most federal and state mandates including HIPAA, SEC, FINRA, CFTC, MSRB, MiFID, and more.

Database Data Archiving

Don’t Let Database Growth Degrade Application Performance

Change the way you manage application data

Offload historical data enterprise wide

OAM automatically ingests older data only leaving the latest data in the database, enabling:

  • Optimal application performance.
  • Lower storage, backup, and compute costs.
  • Cross-system visibility and control over all your organization's data.

Preserve data quality

Data and metadata are uploaded to OAM in their original formats, where they are then validated, indexed, and encrypted. This process ensures the data is trustworthy, easily accessible, and secure.

  • Data can be associated with other data.
  • Fed into predictive models.
  • Used to create visualization that provides valuable insights.

Improve discoverability

OAM features a highly scalable architecture that quickly processes data and manages petabytes of data, allowing you to:

  • Quickly and easily locate the information you need.
  • Filter and preserve outcomes at various levels..
  • Tag, annotate, and organize results in cases to assist in developing queries and reports.

Documents and File Archiving

Control of Documents and Files Across Your Organization

Discover, manage, and enrich your data to optimize costs and minimize risks

Know your data

Gain visibility into your data across storage silos.

  • Analyze trillions of files without moving them.
  • Understand the types and volumes of files inside your organization, track usage, and identify the users.
  • Identify which files are pertinent to an investigation or must meet compliance standards..

Safegaurd data and save by offloading sensitive and unused files

Automatically transfer inactive and high-risk files from file shares to a more secure and cost-effective storage vault.

  • Continue to have seamless access to archived files.
  • Files are transferred using RPA with no transfer speed restrictions.
  • Save on storage costs.
  • Protect against non-compliance.
  • Keep source systems uncluttered.

Enhance Searchability

Categorize, augment, and index incoming files to ensure they are readily discoverable and properly managed. Utilize AI and machine learning to enhance file content.

  • Extract text from images and videos.
  • Detect objects and entities in images and videos.
  • Analyze sentiments in text, audio, and video.

Email & Communication Archiving

Unified Communications Management

Collect, manage, and access communications data from multiple sources

Complete Visibility

Gain unparalleled visibility into all your communication tools, including:

  • Emails
  • Online meetings
  • Chats
  • Social media
  • Instant messages
  • Podcasts
  • Videos, and more

Eliminate Data Traps

OAM's unified platform reduces the reliance on isolated data repositories and the need for end-users to classify, organize, and manage their communications. OAM allows you to:

  • Actively archive and manage all communications data.
  • Automate retention and destruction.
  • Audit and place legal or regulatory holds.

Records Management

Centralize Data Governance

Unified Control, Global Compliance

Know your data

Use automatic object detection and sentiment analysis to move beyond titles and metadata for content identification, helping you stay updated with trends and make smart business decisions

Break down barriers between departments

Provide a unified dashboard and tools to records managers, compliance, legal, and IT, allowing them to see and manage content from various systems easily and uniformly, in line with regulations and company policies.

Guarantee compliance and maximize value

Establish rules to categorize your content and manage its lifespan, storage, costs, access rights, and events. Record all content interactions and use AI and analytics to link content with context and other information, generating insights to enhance and safeguard your business.


OMNI Archive Manager for Information Security

Strengthen Security with Zero Trust, Ransomware Recovery, and Data Sovereignty

Effective Barriers

OAM™️ helps identify and cull retired and/or least recently used data into a secure and immutable vault within your data center or on the cloud thus rendering data breaches and ransomware attacks less effective and damaging.

Effective Measures

Fine grained entitlements
256 bit encryption
Activity auditing
Multi Factor Authentication

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Rijil Kannoth

Head of India Operations

Rijil is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of Infobelt India Pvt. Ltd. He has been integral in growing Infobelt’s development and QA teams. Rijil brings a unique set of skills to Infobelt with his keen understanding of IT development and process improvement expertise.

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Founder and Chief Delivery Officer

Kevin is a co-founder of Infobelt and leads our technology implementations. He has in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance, servers, storage, and networks. Kevin has an extensive background in compliance solutions and risk management and is well versed in avoiding technical pitfalls for large enterprises.