Secure and compliant cloud archive to retire legacy applications.

Manage data growth and protect your reputation using our automated platform

Reduce Infrastructure Costs With
Application Retirement

Infobelt Cloud | OAM enables organizations to rationalize their application portfolio and reduce infrastructure costs. Legacy applications consume valuable data center resources and create data governance and compliance risk. InfobeltCloud application retirement helps organizations transition away from complex, on-prem legacy application management to SaaS-based, modern alternatives. Universal access to retired data is maintained through live search, saved queries, and custom reports.

Key Benefits

Key Capabilities

InfobeltCloud data management to archive all data and legacy applications

InfobeltCloud Application retirement provides a fully managed, cloud-scale, compliant archive repository for less-active enterprise data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) and retirement of legacy applications
  • Centralized data governance and administration
  • Improve application performance and optimize infrastructure
  • Manage data growth and reduce costs
  • Meet compliance objectives
  • Supports ERP, CRM, Custom Apps, Mainframes, File servers, IOT, Email, Documents, Social and Log data

Achieve compliance objectives with policy-based data retention

Through advanced Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) organizations handle the complex regulatory landscape and minimizes risks of accidental data deletion from the archive.
  • Retain data only as long as required by law
  • Automatic or manual purge with prior notification
  • Custom rules engine
  • Standard retention plans to comply with various regulations such as SEC 17a-3, SEC 17a-4, FINRA 4511, or HIPAA.

eDiscovery & Legal Hold

Compliance and legal professionals can quickly identify and retrieve records to meet data requests from regulatory agencies and law enforcement. Further, they can place legal holds on records of interest to ensure such data is retained beyond the pre-defined data retention periods to comply with legal proceedings.
  • Supports multiple cases
  • Robust text search
  • Structured and Adhoc reporting

Infobelt Search provides comprehensive text search, structured reports and adhoc queries

Text search provides simplified user access to enterprise business records (EBR) which are denormalized views of a specific business function such as invoicing. EBR’s organize data into templates (i.e. invoices, customer data, spreadsheets, and other documents) for easy self-service access to complex business processes.

End-to-End Metadata Management

Infobelt Metadata management is an end-to-end framework to explore all enterprise metadata and lineage from a centralized repository and business glossory.
  • Explore your Enterprise Data Landscape
  • Understand the data lifecycle
  • Establish consistent descriptions and business context for your data

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