Comprehensive Data Archiving and Records Management Platform

With ORION, secure information is easily manageable, trackable, and retrievable.

About the product

Infobelt ORION is a high performing archiving engine that enhances information protection and privacy and increases process efficiency. It is capable of ingesting and managing structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data in a SEC 17a(3)&(4)a compliant format.

ORION satisfies all
Information Records Management (IRM)
requirements such as:

  • Full auditing capabilities required by regulators
  • Differentiates between archives and backups
  • Disposition Holds (legal, regulatory, etc.)
  • Self-service portal with simplified single sign on capabilities
  • Designated Third Party (D3P) Enabled
  • Enterprise security compliant with encryption of archives at rest
  • Disposition Framework & Workflow (based on MoREQ2)
  • WORM and non-WORM Archive Storage
  • Record-owner tracking and delegation

The Orion interface can significantly reduce the cost of storage and infrastructure expenses.

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Rijil Kannoth

India Operations and Special Project Manager

Rijil is the project manager of Infobelt’s products and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of our India teams. His process improvement expertise guides Infobelt to standardize daily operations and create a structure around product development.

John Pinto

Chief Operating Officer

John has spent 15+ years in the bankruptcy, M&A, lending, and operations industries, most recently in compliance operations at Deloitte LLP. His background ensures that Infobelt’s world-class products will continue to solve the biggest challenges facing regulated entities today.

Kevin Davis

Founder and Chief Delivery Officer

Kevin is a co-founder of Infobelt and leads our technology implementations. He has in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance, servers, storage, and networks. Kevin has an extensive background in compliance solutions and risk management and is well versed in avoiding technical pitfalls for large enterprises.