Infobelt ORION

ORION is the only technology in the world that can archive structured, unstructured, semi-structured data into a common archive that is fully compliant. ORION is compliant with FINRA 4511, SEC 17 (A)3, SEC 17 (A)4, CFTC 1.31, MSRB G-8, and several other regulatory directives for books and records keeping. 

ORION satisfies all information records management requirements such as:

  • Records retention schedules
  • MoREQ2 compliant disposition framework including defensible destruction 
  • Differentiates between archives and backups
  • Offers multiple access points for data including full restores and in-archive query tools
  • Features legal and regulatory holds at class, file, or record level
  • Custom business metadata store with records. Examples are privacy, cross border, etc.
  • Fine point entitlements with active directory integration
  • Self-service portal with simplified single sign on capabilities
  • Enterprise security compliant with inscription of archives at rest
  • Designated Third Party (D3P) Enabled  
  • Full auditing capabilities are required by regulators
  • Distributed architecture with geographic scalability and business continuity
  • GUI, Command Line Interface (CLI), REST API Compatible

Using the ORION interface has saved Infobelt customers as much as 82 million dollars per year by reducing the cost of storage and infrastructure expenses.